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Chicago Garbage Trucks Are Getting Into The Uber/Lyft Game

garbage 1

garbage 2

I mean if this isn’t a great idea then I don’t know what is. A great attribute to this city is that we have alleys to get our dirty work done. We’re not New York where we mix the trash with the people. However, if people wanted to opt to get a little dirty then why not start featuring garbage trucks/all streets and sanitation trucks as ride shares to get around the city.

Some Pros to this idea:

1. Alley traffic won’t affect all the other traffic (very important)

2. It’ll be cheaper

3. There should be a feature that allows you to just ride on the back of it for an even cheaper amount. You thought Uberpool was cheap? You hanging onto a bar risking your life while your face gets frozen off will basically be free.

4. The city could make a couple bucks on it, and lord knows that they need it

5. You almost certainly won’t have to talk to anybody because it’ll be way too loud.

6. It seems like our garbage men/women have gone above and beyond candy and chargers by giving you free Papa Johns on your ride. I’m not sure if that’s an upgrade, but it’s a feature nonetheless.


– I see none besides maybe not smelling the best afterwards, but I’m sure the boys on the truck all have a community deodorant stick that they’d be willing to lend you. Maybe some Axe spray too. That should take care of it.

picture from reddit: aserafyn