Kash Daniel Only Had One Way To Celebrate Winning The Citrus Bowl: 'Victory Dips'

This is so perfectly on brand and I can’t stop watching it. The scream to Logan Stenberg was pure joy. The only thing that had more pure joy was the celebration of the two knowing that ‘victory dips’ would be waiting for them. I know the NCAA probably looks down on tobacco use, but I need victory dips to be the new motto for Kentucky wins next year during Kash’s senior year.

Kash Daniel has been a goddamn quote machine this year while also being a pretty goddamn good middle linebacker. I mean as Jack Mac put it at one point this year he’s this year’s version of Tim Riggins. The dude is from Paintsville, Kentucky, which is about as big as you’d expect it to be. He got down to Florida for the Citrus Bowl and immediately went fishing. He has these quotes throughout the year:

And now we were given the gift of victory dips. I can only imagine how many tins they’ve gone through since the New Year’s Day win.