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Would You Like Another Blog About The Eagles vs The Bears? Well Then You're In Luck, My Friends


So the Chicago guys are all super obsessed with the Eagles right now. Kind of sad how much they’d rather talk about the Eagles than their own team but I guess whenever you can use the defending Super Bowl Champs to get pageviews, you have to go to where the clicks are. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Anyway, I figured I’d throw another blog into the mix here about eagles and bears. This is a photograph of an eagle and a bear together in the wild. I don’t know if it’s real or not. Maybe it’s photoshop. Maybe it’s not. Either way, that’s them. Two animals. Kinda weird how we name sports teams after animals. Like do we expect the players to take on the characteristics of those animals or is a name just a name? Professional sports are kind of weird in general, don’t you think? I mean they are these games that people play. And then there are a select group of people who have gotten so good at those games that other people then pay a ton of money to watch them play the game. And depending on where you’re from, you like watching some guys play that game more than you like watching some other guys play the same game. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shit out of sports. I just think that it would be a super weird concept for somebody to grasp if let’s say you were an alien coming to Earth for the first time and your native planet didn’t have sports.

Oh, and another thing about bears and eagles. By now I think we all know that an eagle is a symbol of freedom. It is a representation of the United State of America. Meanwhile, bears are a soviet symbol. They represent communism. So any red-blooded American should be rooting for the eagles in this matchup. Also–the Eagles are from Philadelphia. Last time a Philly guy went to go fight some commies with Rocky IV. And I think we all know how that movie ended. With Philly on top.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the blog. This is the type of stuff you won’t find on some boring ass stat sites like The Athletic, plus you got all this for free. Wins all around for everyone.