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5-Star Georgia Quarterback Justin Fields Transfers to THE Ohio State University

Boom!!!!! The rich get richer baby. Not only did we just hire the best offensive mind in the entire country to replace our legendary head coach that had to walk away from a career in coaching due to serious health concerns, but now we just picked up what was considered to be one of the greatest quarterback prospects of ALL TIME. They call him DeShaun Watson but just a little faster and with a better arm. God my god is it GREAT to be a Buckeye!


So I guess now the question of what Dwayne Haskins is going to do is answered, right? Fields and Haskins worked out with the same QB coach this offseason, and word on High Street was that Fields was waiting on Haskins to make his decision before he decided where to transfer. Well if Fields is coming here, that means Haskins had to tell him their would be an opening. I’m no mathmagician but I think that’s called the transitive property. So without further adieu, let me be the first to say THANK YOU MR. HASKINS. Good luck in the NFL. Your undefeated record against Michigan is something we’ll never forget, although it is becoming increasingly more common each and every year for graduating seniors.


The juicier question to answer is not about Haskins, but rather about Tate Martell. The always humble Netflix star has been very vocal on his opinions should Justin Fields decide to come in and compete for a job.

Ehhhh, idk buddy. Maybe there’s only enough room in Columbus for one Ohio’s Tate right now. Or maybe we’re going to have ourselves a good old fashioned quarterback competition? I would not hate that.

And I guess the final question that needs answered is what does this mean for the rest of the Big 10? Hahahahah you guys thought you had us in August from “the stuff over the summer.” You thought you had us in November when the #1 defense in the country came to town. And you thought you had us 3 days ago when Urban Meyer retired. But this is The Ohio State University. We don’t rebuild. We reload.


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