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Vic Fangio Hasn't Returned Any Phone Calls From Teams That Want To Interview Him To Be Head Coach

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago BearsI wrote a little bit about Vic in my Bears Wild Card Week News & Notes blog yesterday, but Patrick Finley’s Chicago Sun-Times article had a little bit more information last night.

‘‘I have not returned one phone call,’’ he said. ‘‘I have not done one piece of work for it. I refuse to. And that’s it.’’ 

‘‘There’s a lot of things: working with management, players, etc.,’’ he said. ‘‘I haven’t given it a lot of thought. I’m not lying to you guys; I’ve got zero up there done.’’

If Fangio has prepared for these job interviews then he’s obviously not going to outwardly say that he’s done so in the middle of a playoff run, but is it crazy to say that I believe him when he says that he hasn’t? Vic just genuinely doesn’t seem like he gives a shit about anything besides recognizing offensive tendencies to know when he should go zone or man coverage. He’s the ultimate football guy who just lives for the X’s and O’s.

It goes without saying that if he does end up getting a job we’ll miss him dearly, but will be very happy for the guy. It was a dark, dark time during those Mel Tucker days and Fangio has somehow made forget about all of that.