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Teen Arrested For DUI After Posting "Drunk Drivin...Classic" On His Facebook

Daily Mail- An Oregon teen has been arrested after he posted a message on Facebook after a night of partying on New Year’s Eve, admitting that he had been driving drunk and apologizing for hitting someone’s car during his booze-fueled escapade. Jacob Cox-Brown, 18, used the social media website to inform his friends that he had been ‘Drivin drunk … classic ;) but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P.’ One of his friends saw the post and called police on New Year’s Day, just as officers were in the midst of investigating a hit and run that had damaged two vehicles. When officers came to Cox-Brown’s home in Astoria, Oregon they discovered damage to his car that was consistent with the damage done to two cars hit earlier in the day, according to the Oregonian.  Police also found pieces from the teenager’s car at the scene of the crash.  Another friend of the teen had also called police to inform them of the Facebook posting.

Out of all the shit that should be inadmissible in a criminal investigation, social media posts should be at the top of the list. Like the fact that police get to use that shit is so annoying. They didn’t even earn it. Same thing as traffic light cameras that catch you running red lights. You know how everyone says “They mailed me a picture of me running a red light so I’m gonna mail them a picture of a hundred dollar bill!” Same shit here. Catch me on facebook for a DUI then I get sentenced to facebook prison or some shit. Ban my friend requests or something because you didn’t do enough actual police work to catch me.

And another thing – how come people only get pinched based on these facebook posts when its negative shit about robbing a bank or driving drunk or something? If I go on facebook right now and say “Just got finished fucking Candice Swanepoel…she said my dick was the biggest she’s ever had! LOL.” can I get someone to report that shit as true? Can I get all my facebook friends to believe that shit is real and report that to the media or something?

PS – You gotta be a real slimy sleazy snitch to report someone’s facebook status to the police. Thats the problem with having like 500 facebook friends when you only have about 7 in real life.