A New Hampshire Restaurant Named "Pho Keene Great" Was Forced To Take Down Its Sign Because Its Name Was Deemed Too Offensive


Fox News- The owner of a soon-to-be-opening French-Vietnamese restaurant in New Hampshire is set to meet with the city manager of Keene following concerns that the eatery’s name sounds like a profane phrase.

Pho Keene Great, which is not scheduled to open until March, had already displayed a small sign prominently featuring the name, which is a play on both the Vietnamese dish pho (pronounced “fuh”) and the name of the town (Keene). City Manager Elizabeth Dragon said the owner, Isabelle Jolie, hadn’t gotten permission to hang a sign displaying the outside the restaurant. Jolie has since had it removed.

What the fuck is this, New Hampshire? Are you a part of America, the land of opportunity and clever puns designed to move product as well as merch or Vietnam, the land of communism and censorship? Because this story screams a lot more Ho Chi Minh type of thinking than a place that has “Live Free or Die” as its state motto. In fact, New Hampshire should be stripped of such an incredible state motto if they aren’t going to allow a restaurant with a sassy name to try to make a living and have a little bit of fun. You pussify your state, you have to pussify your motto. As simple as that. Luckily the Fucking Great people at Pho Keene Great are not going down without a fight. Instead they put it up to the most democratic of systems, an online Facebook poll, and the results were overwhelmingly in their favor.


Smell that? You smell that? Democracy, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of democracy in the morning. I’m pretty sure no poll in the history of the internet has ever had 97% of people agree because there are enough trolls or dickheads to sway the vote at least 10%. But not when it comes to this Pho Keene Great restaurant. God bless America. Except for Keene, NH. You can:

h/t Joe Lightning and NLB