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Korean Boy Band Breaks Drake's 24-Hour Stream Record On SoundCloud

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Source -  Jimin released Promise on New Year’s Eve and broke the record for the best 24-hour debut on Soundcloud with 8.5 million streams, according to Forbes. The previous record was held by Drake with 4.9 million streams.

The record was set thanks to the K-pop group’s devoted fanbase, known as BTS Army, which tracked the song’s total stream BTS’ SoundCloud statistics:

Hits Daily Double reports that South Korea was responsible for the most streams, followed by the US, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Japan. In addition, “Promise” spent 48 hours at No. 1 on SoundCloud’s Top 50 and New & Hot charts. To date, it has racked up more than 15 million streams in four days.

For those of you who haven’t heard of BTS (all of you), they’re a seven-member boy band out of Korea and they’re fucking huge. They’re like The Backstreet Boys on steroids in Asia. Personally, I’m not fan of their music, mostly because I don’t speak Korean, but people love them. Let’s take a look at some of their hits.

Not my cup of tea, but again, people love them. Which has to be a kick to the nuts for Drake. He’s held the SoundCloud streaming record since March when he dropped his diss track of diss tracks, ‘Duppy Freestyle‘ and this guy more than tripled his numbers in one day with his new single, “Promise.” 

Artists get paid $0.007 per stream so if you want to figure out how much money they made, go for it. What I’m more interested in is the fact there is such a massive fanbase for a band that literally 99% of the people I know have never heard of. Like I don’t think any Americans care about these guys, right? And that’s not to say that Americans are the center of the world, it’s just wild to think how popular these guys are despite not being considered “main stream.”

Anyway, Drake should write a diss track and go scorched earth on that motherfucker. It would be the first ever intercontinental rap beef. He’d just have to build up his fan base first because the BTS crew has more fans than the North Korean army has people. RIP to Drake’s reign at the top.