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The Refs Not Calling Kevin Durant Out Of Bounds Last Night In OT Could Go Down As The Worst No-Call In Sports History

The late TNT game last night was absolutely incredible. James Harden was out of his goddamn mind dropping his fifth straight 40 point game to go with a triple double. The Warriors big 3 each had 26 or more as the two teams battled it out in OT. Late in overtime with the game tied at 132 apiece, the Warriors were seemingly about to turn the ball back over to Houston. KD attempted to run down the ball and save it in the corner, which the refs ruled he did, leading to a Steph Curry go ahead jumper. The only thing is that KD basically ignored the rules of basketball, or sports for that matter, and ran out of bounds in broad daylight to keep the ball “in play.” The refs watched the play and said he was in bounds. There is a ref staring at him with a clear visual and no one blocking his view. These motherfuckers watched Bird Box over the weekend and said you know what let’s give it a go in overtime and see what happens. They saw this angle and said play on.

Now James Harden ended up hitting the game winning three on the next play, but that shouldn’t ignore the fact that this was the single worst call maybe in sports history. I mean how do you miss that? Every single ref, or at least the guy working that area of the court, has to be fired immediately. I mean he’s not even remotely close to in bounds. What’s that rank with? Armando Galarraga perfect game being fucked up with two outs in the ninth by Jim Joyce? Fail Mary? Obviously calls have been blown in bigger games in the history of sports, but nothing that blatant. KD was closer to the seats than he was the court.

The basketball gods repaid the Rockets with Harden’s game winner right after, but goddamn.

Ball don’t lie.

I’m sure Greenie or Reags are going to break down this crazy game in the morning, but I thought someone should get this up on the site. I’m in disbelief over that call.