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Subway Thief Steals Beats Headphones Off Dude Singing Obnoxiously Loud On The D Train

Subway Thief vs. Asshole Who Sings On The Subway. Its like Dexter murdering other serial killers. Like that thief is basically the Robin Hood of the NYC Subways right here. You’re rooting for him to snatch that shit because the people he’s robbing are such fucking asshole. Plus its a risky maneuver, for sure. You don’t make it off that train or the doors do the double-open and that guy ends up catching you, your ass might get powerbombed to death.

PS – Yea, might seem a little fake. But its entirely possible that there’s an asshole singing like that, and an asshole robbing people like that, so its plausible enough for me to run it on Barstool.

PPS – If you wear 200 dollar Dr. Dre Beats headphones, you are a certifiable asshole.