Wake Up With Mike Trout Breaking Statcast
I had to do a triple take when I saw this video. The caption and title say "Mike Trout home run 524 feet." Now that wouldn't shock me, especially off of Dylan Bundy. But watch the video and see where the ball lands. Not a chance that is 524. If that is 524 feet, than Judge hits 800 foot homers.
I remember statcast did their reading on it and said that the ball went 524 feet. Just no way. It's a few rows above the tunnel down there in left, not all the way up on the concourse. That would be more like 500 feet. So we just have to live with the fact that Mike Trout is so good at hitting baseballs that he is tricking computers that were made to track how far baseballs go.
I can watch his swing over and over and over. So damn beautiful, compact, short, and powerful. This is also what happens when Trout is sitting on a fastball and you throw a 90 MPH meatball over the plate. See ya.