Brett Favre Is Now Doing Nose Trimmer Commercials Because Why The Hell Not





I actually like this. A little self awareness by Brett Favre that he looks like Santa Claus on steroids.





And I have to say, if Brett Favre wants to come back in our lives as a self deprecating figure I’m all for it. I don’t need the Brett Favre who killed the Bears every year and then had 10 million retirements while holding the nation hostage. That Brett Favre can screw. But if this new guy, the guy who has self awareness, wants in I’m all for it. I’m talking crocs commercials, commercials making fun of his penis, commercials poking fun at all the women he sexually harassed when he was a Jet, the works. Basically I want Brett Favre to become an SNL commercial parody about Brett Favre. If that happens, he’s back in my good graces. Do the right thing Brett, do the right thing.