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Samford Head Coach Scott Padgett Calls Out Ref Karl Hess In Amazing Press Conference After Altercation On The Floor

And just like that Bob Huggins press conference comparing basketball to your girlfriend has been passed as my favorite. Samford head coach Scott Padgett finally called out a ref – Karl Hess in this case – for the absurd behavior we see in college hoops. You can see in the video above that Hess steps to Padgett in the huddle and gets in his face. Imagine if the roles were reversed here. Padgett would be tossed, it’d be four free throws for ETSU and the ball. Padgett would likely get fined. People would talk about how Padgett is a hot head.

But, here? This is the perfect response. You can see Padgett keep his cool as Hess, who would be have worse odds than Buster Douglas vs Tyson in a fight vs Padgett, gets in his face.

Now to the press conference. I absolutely love this move. Padgett is 100% right too. Imagine Karl Hess doing this if Padgett cut him in line somewhere. No chance. Hess wouldn’t say a word or politely tap him on the shoulder and ask him what’s the deal. He would never react like this. But, because in this situation Hess has a whistle and stripes he’s immune to any reaction. I wish more coaches spoke up like this and with this much honesty. I also wish that people held refs in as much regard as we would a coach here. Hess can’t do this shit. He should be fined and suspended.

Now, if Hess is for real about stepping to Padgett, I can think of just the place. Me in Padgett’s corner at Rough n Rowdy.