Vladimir Putin Scoops Up Gerard Depardieu In International Free Agency

(AP) – Gerard Depardieu, who has waged a battle against a proposed super-tax on millionaires in his native country of France, has been granted Russian citizenship. A brief announcement on the Kremlin website revealed that President Vladimir Putin, who had previously expressed solidarity with Depardieu, signed the citizenship grant today. A representative for the actor declined to say whether he had accepted the Russian offer and refused all comment. The former Oscar nominee and star of the movie Green Card has been vocal in his opposition to French President Francois Hollande’s plans to raise the tax on earned income above $1.33 million to 75% from the current high of 41%. The law was struck down by France’s highest court but is expected to be resubmitted in a slightly different form soon.

Another shrewd world power move here by Putin. Signing Gerard Depardieu to your country is like taking a 1 year flyer on a veteran free agent. Its like what the Knicks did with Jason Kidd. Sure, Gerard Depardieu is fat and bald and it looked like his career was all but over. But he as available on the cheap after France cut him so why not give him a shot? Its a no risk move for Russia. If he can revive himself to his My Dad The Hero days, you’re golden. If he just stays his broke, drunk self pissing on planes, just forget about him. No risk move by Putin.