Marty Mush Thursday Gambling Slate

My new YTD is now 2-2-1 and it was a very up and down night for me. It is utterly amazing that I don’t just have a loss outright, some reason they are just always brutal losses. I am staying positive so lets get into it.


Illinois @ Indiana -11

Indiana is a different animal at home as it is loud as shit. Obviously Langford is a stud but the key player tonight will be Juwan Morgan. He put on a show against Butler putting up 35 and he will just be a matchup that Illinois will struggle with. Containing the both of them just won’t happen. The only thing you need to know is that Illinois just lost to FAU and they are down in the dumps. They are having a shitty season and they get blown out by 25.

Pick Indiana -11 

Iowa @ Purdue -10

This game is confusing because Iowa is having a good season but once they ran into teams from the Big 10. Michigan State beat the shit out of them and Wisconsin came into Iowa and beat them as well. Purdue has been up and down all year as they lost to Michigan and Notre Dame as of late to. I still they they are a good team but I don’t think they should be giving 10.

Pick Iowa +10


Minnesota +9 

Raptors +2

With already taking a tough loss in NHL, Soccer and College basketball already… I need these to hit. Mush to the Moon.