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The Jewish Jordan Bar Refaeli Is Getting Indicted On Tax Evasion, Perjury and Money Laundering

JP.comThe allegations include claims that the supermodel hid millions of shekels of income from the Tax Authority; that she lied about her primary place of residence; and that she received several luxury items in exchange for publicity that she did not declare to tax officials. The notification from the state attorney on Thursday charged that from 2006-2007, Refaeli claimed that she did not live in Israel and also charged that she concealed NIS 6 million from the tax authorities. The statement also says that from 2009-2012, Refaeli told tax officials in the United States that she was a resident of Israel and likewise told tax officials in Israel that she was a resident of the United States. According to the pre-indictment notification, the supermodel hid more than NIS 23 million from tax authorities during that time. During part of this period, Refaeli was dating US actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and claimed to be living with him at times. Officials believe she was actually living in apartments in Tel Aviv listed under family members. Refaeli’s parents, Tzipi and Rafi Refaeli, are also likely to face money laundering and tax evasion charges linked to the case.

Yikes. Come on Israel. Yeah I’m sure Bar Refaeli did all the things she is accused of doing. I’m sure she was a bad girl. You know what else I know? She’s like the most famous Jewish person alive. The last thing we need as a people is our star citizen, the Jewish Jordan, to get rung up on tax evasion charges. Trying to horde millions away from the government. Basically being a greedy jew. It’s a tough look for a group of people who everybody already thinks are greedy jews to begin with. Yeah I know tax evasion is color blind, religion blind, gender blind, blah, blah, blah, but you think the people who hate us believe that? Fuck no. They are rejoicing in the streets that Bar Refaeli is getting indicted. It would be like Thor’s people taking away his hammer cause he lied on his tax return. Some things you got to let slide and this is one of them.