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Fan Duel Playoffs - Where We Separate The Men From The Boys

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Playtime is over. Time to get serious and prove your worth during Fan Duel playoffs. Being perfectly honest, the regular season is such a crapshoot with a full slate of games on the schedule. I mean last week I hired a ringer and had one of the top Fan Duel earners of all time pick my squad. I came in like 450th place. Just too much left to chance when there’s 30 teams in play.

But Wild Card Weekend we’ve got 4 games to pick from. A much smaller pool of guys means its gonna be a lot tighter in the standings. Less random monster games from no-namers who completely fuck you over. Time for the cream to rise to the top. Sure, there’s 3,000 dollars on the line but this week is all about proving who can really pick a winning squad, not just picking random dudes and crossing your fingers. NFL Wild Card Weekend is one of the best sports weekends of the year – make it that much better by winning some cash.

Also I’m not sure if Fan Duel will make us a tournament as the teams whittle down so this might be your last weekend to get involved. 

  • $15,000 in total prizes, $3000 for first place.
  • 334 spots, prizes to 34th place.
  • $50 to enter, up to three entries allowed.
  • Tournament starts at 4:30 EST on Saturday. Payouts occur on Monday.