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Chinese Dad Hires Virtual Hit Man To Kill His Son's Video Game Character So That He Gets A Job

MSN - How do you get your mooching kid to quit playing video games? A father in China came up with a clever solution. His son, 23-year-old Xiao Feng, scored poor grades in high school because of his gaming addiction, and things didn’t get any better after he graduated and wouldn’t stick with any jobs. So dad reportedly hired “virtual assassins” to kill Feng every time he logged in to his favorite online games, hoping it would compel his son to finally put down the controller. Feng was quoted as saying that he’s not addicted to games — he just hasn’t bothered getting a job yet because he’s waiting for the right one to come along

Xiao Feng is lucky his dad didn’t just hire a hit man to straight up murder him in real life. I feel like thats the true Asian way, no? Oh, we had a daughter instead of a son? Leave her out in the mountains to die. Whats that? My son won’t get a job because he’s too busy playing RapeLay? I’ll just hire ninjas to kill him.

And that is 100% the angle this guy should have taken. Because you know what ruining you kid’s video game does? It makes them hate their fucking parents. Not get a job. Like if my mom just kept going in and deleting my game of Zelda Ocarina of Time, that wasn’t gonna motivate me to go start working. I wouldn’t be like “Welp, my favorite game is ruined, let me go do volunteer work and bolster my college application.” I’d just hate my mother with the fire of a thousand suns. I’d find a way to make sure I’d disappoint her even more. Start smoking more weed and spending my whole life jerking off. Pick your poison, mom! I can be a lazy kid playing video games or a drug addict chronic masturbator.