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Kobe Says He Would Take Iggy Azalea Over Swaggy P Because Iggy Has Actually Accomplished Something In Her Career



Well I guess that answers that. You know Kobe is officially back when he publicly demoralizes a teammate for his own benefit. So good, also coming off the heels of this Swaggy P quote just makes it even more perfect.




Hope you had fun last year Swaggy P because psycho dad is back and he’s here to remind you that you fucking suck and are virtually worthless.


Love this. I’m not a huge Kobe guy, mostly because I hate the Lakers and rapists, but I will say this, If you’re a person who hates the new NBA where everyone is friendly and jovial then you have to love Kobe. He’s a throwback to MJ. He may be your teammate but he’ll remind you at all times who’s boss. If you fuck up or get in his way he has no problem cutting you out of his life or punching you in practice (Steve Kerr). I can appreciate that type of mentality, it’s rare in this day and age. Maybe this was all said in jest but even still it’s a message. You haven’t accomplished shit Swaggy P, now run along and try to do something worthwhile in your life. Something you can put on a T-Shirt and flaunt in everyone’s face.



Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.46.35 PM




This guy is about to get his asshole torn to shreds by Kobe. Like a little clueless puppy, no clue what’s about to hit him.