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Phenomenal Ghostbusters Infographic Guarantees To Give You An Erection Full Of Nostalgia


30 years ago this week the masterpiece that is Ghostbusters was released. It’s amazing a film made before most of us were even born still resonates greatly in pop culture and conversation today. So many quotes and memorable lines, so little time. It’s a law in most households to know the answer to “Where do these stairs go?” and everyone had that one buddy who got made fun of cause his girlfriend was identical to Vigo the Carpathian. If you were a kid growing up in the 90’s that didn’t own Ghostbuster toys then you weren’t a friend of many. My proton pack and trap protected me in the dark more times than I’d like to count. That sadly includes through middle school.

Full infographic after the jump:

(click to embiggen all)