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If You Ever Travel to "SAN FRAN" Be Prepared to Deal With This Bullshit

golden-gate-bridge-san-francisco-california-nkiI made a quick pitstop in San Francisco on my way home from China a couple weeks ago. Great place with mild weather year round, incredible Chinese food, and beautiful nature within biking distance. Ya some would say it’s a “homeless city with a tech start-up problem” (PRINT THE T-SHIRTS), but I didn’t really mind that. More amusing than anything.

I’ll tell you what I did mind though. Conversations like these:

“Hey man I’m in San Fran for the weekend lets link up!”
“Sweet I’m down. But btw, don’t call it “San Fran”, you’ll sound like a tourist. We call it SF”


“How cold does San Fran get in the winter?”
“The weather never warrants a full fledged winter jacket but it can get pretty chilly at night. But don’t call it San Fran, call it SF or you’ll sound like a out of towner newb.”

Duuuude. Shut the fuck up. Last time I checked I AM A TOURIST. I AM AN OUT OF TOWNER. Also, last time I checked, YOU’RE A TRANSPLANT. That’s just a small baby step above being a tourist. I’m gonna keep calling it SAN FRAN. I think I’ll survive a couple disapproving looks from google employees.  San Fran just rolls of the tongue a littler easier than “S.F”. Sorry I’m not sorry.

It kinda reminds me of when  Bostonians get pissed about people calling it Beantown.

“If you call Boston “Beantown”, you’re clearly not from around here.”

This doesn’t annoy me as much because baked beans is a pretty shitty food to have define your city. Pretty sure the only times I’ve ever eaten baked beans in Boston is when I’ve ordered an Irish Breakfast. Are those even baked beans? I have no idea.


Then again, if people called it “Chowder Town” that’d be pretty lame too. Maybe the “Lobster Pot”?? Ahhh fuck it just call it Boston.