Bears Wild Card Week News & Notes

bearsWe’ll be doing these and mailbags alot more now that we’re full time.

Let’s jump into it:

The Injury Report From Wednesday Looks Kinda Sorta Hopeful

It’s pretty surprising that Anthony Miller was a full-go considering he seemed like he was in a lot of pain when he left the game on Sunday. The same thing goes for Taylor Gabriel too, so to see that neither of them were limited was a pleasant surprise. I don’t think any of us were concerned about Kyle Long or Allen Robinson. Long looked healthy during the time he was in and Robinson was most likely just a cautionary inactive.

I don’t have a great feeling about Aaron Lynch, but who knows. I was going to say the same thing about Eddie Jackson until Stacey Dales came in with a little tidbit that made my ears perk up:

Hopefully this means that Eddie is good to go, and they just don’t want him to do anything until the big game. It could also mean that he gives it a go on Sunday, and it immediately doesn’t feel right, and he gets yanked. A real wait and see game at this point, but Deon Bush will need to be ready to go regardless.

Cody Parkey got some kicks in at Soldier Field

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears

WGN is losing their touch by not bringing the chopper out for this one. It’s only Wild Card week, guys. I don’t care if Tom Skilling told you that the frosty conditions were dangerous. We needed you out there and you let us down.

By all accounts though the practice went well. Pat O’Donnell told reporters that he made all of his kicks and that the field was snowy/wet. I mean I don’t expect O’Donnell to come out and tell us that Parkey sucked it up, but it is what it is. I’m not too on Parkey’s ass yet just because there hasn’t been a kick that’s directly affected a game (aside from the Miami one, but that was a 51 yarder he gets a little slack) but you get the feeling that it may come sooner rather than later. It would be soul crushing to lose a playoff game on a Cody Parkey missed FG or PAT.

Soft Tissue Alshon Backtracks On His Chicago Diss

I’m not trying to go soft on Soft Tissue Alshon, but I get where he’s coming from. The team was a damn dumpster fire during this Trestman/Fox era. He’s had great success in Philadelphia, and even if he’s only backtracking because of the heat he caught it’s really whatever. I’m over it. Just need Kyle Fuller and Prince Amukamura to bully the shit out of him on Sunday.

Vic Fangio is still all business



This is our national nightmare once the season wraps. What is going to happen to our guy Vic Fangio? The Dolphins & Broncos have already requested an interview with him. BetDSI currently has Fangio as the favorite to get the Broncos job. You think his mind his mind is on that and not shutting down Nick Foles? Nope. Vic don’t do interview prep work. All business.

(i’m lying to myself aren’t i? please don’t leave vic)

Matt Nagy Talks About Working With Doug Pederson


The Chicago Sun-Times posted a good article on this. It’s a lot about Nagy’s grind in coaching and how he would leave at 3:30AM to drive an hour and a half to practice everyday. Trey Burton gets involved a little bit to talk about the differences between the two coaches. I don’t want to jack their whole article so just go check it out.

3 more days. Bear Down.