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I Can't Wrap My Brain Around How Insanely Dangerous This Activity Is

Dude. What the fuck. There are no less than 20 times in that video where it looks like the guy is gonna die a horrifically painful death. I know an employee at Barstool Sports dot com made that caption but I wanna go on record and say #NotAllWhitePeople. Not all white people need to try to die in order to feel alive. For instance, you won’t find this Caucasian doing anything remotely like that. White people have this reputation now that we’re all thrill seekers. I forget the comedian but I remember a black comedian doing a bit about how the only reason we know so much about wild animals is because white people are crazy enough to go out there and find them. Well that might be true for white guys like my dear Young Pageviews but it isn’t true for a white guy like myself.

There are things in this world that make me feel alive but that activity most certainly is not one of them. I feel alive walking down the streets of NYC (which might be just as dangerous as what those guys are doing but whatever). I feel alive watching a good show on Netflix. I feel alive when I take a long shower. I don’t need to fly down a valley at ungodly speeds while narrowly avoiding cracking my head wide open on a boulder to get my dopamine fix.