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How Sad Should The Rest of the Country Feel For The Once Proud City of Pittsburgh?

In case you missed it Antonio Brown officially made a mockery of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the entire city of Pittsburgh last night when he was dancing around the stage in a giant hippo costume like a damn fool on The Masked Singer. The same Antonio Brown who skipped an entire week of practices and then did not play in the Steelers finale. The same Antonio Brown who threw a football at Ben Roethlisberger earlier this week.

So while Steeler fans who basically have nothing to live for besides football prepare for a long cold hard off-season they were forced to watch a giant hippo dance on stage having the time of his life. It’s a bitter pill to swallow for the good, hardworking people of Pittsburgh. A city built on steel and pride and honor being dragged through the mud is tough to watch. I can only imagine that Chuck Knoll is rolling around in his grave at what has become of this once proud franchise. Not only did they miss the playoffs but now the Steelers have become a punchline to a joke. The Cleveland Browns are suddenly the better franchise. How bad has it become for the simple people of Pittsburgh? Well even I who generally relish in the demise of my rivals am saddened at what has come of the Steeler franchise. I truly hope I can live to see the day when the city of Pittsburgh is not a national embarrassment and being a Steeler fan can once again become a source of civic pride. A day when Steeler fans don’t have to hide their Terrible Towels in shame but can wave them proudly again. Today I stand with the good people of Pittsburgh and pray for their redemption.