Bob Huggins Comparing Basketball To Your Girlfriend Is My New Favorite Press Conference

Goddamn do I love this guy. I mean it’s just perfect. First off, he’s rocking his new Christmas pullover that for sure looks like something you’ll see from Kohl’s on the golf course. Second, Huggins just breaking down basketball to your significant other is something I need to hear more of. I feel like he could have went 5 minutes on this topic.

Now, what is this in reference to? The loss to Texas Tech for the first time ever in Morgantown that happened last night. It was one of the ugliest games of the year as there was minimal offense, sloppy turnovers and a million fouls. Huggins was the star of the game despite the loss as he was freaking out on the sidelines watching his team play. You can see there’s frustration with Konate out and trying to figure out a new backcourt after losing Miles/Carter. It led to this perfect surrender cobra/yelling at the refs late in the game after a missed shot

It’s been a rough year for West Virginia for all the reasons listed above. But, the story here is just Huggins going on his love for basketball and girlfriend. The ‘basketball gets mad just like your girlfriend’ line is poetry at its finest. That’s what’s happening to West Virginia right now – or at least that’s what I’m assuming Huggins is telling his players. Life isn’t going to get any easier for WVU either as they fell outside of the top-50 on KenPom and now have to go to Texas and Kansas State for the next two games. They need Konate back quick and the backcourt to figure itself out.