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The Chicago Bulls are an Absolute Disgrace

I can’t take this shit anymore. I know you all see me as the biggest (and most intelligent) Bears fan in the world, but I also love, or maybe loved, the Chicago Bulls almost as much.

Gar Forman, John Paxson, Michael Reinsdorf, and Jerry Reinsdorf have completely ruined this great franchise. We were the class of the NBA for years and now we are the laughing stock of the NBA and maybe all of professional sports.

Every single person in the world (other than the 4 mentioned above) sees that the Bulls are being run into the ground with poor decision after poor decision by the management. They have been given a chance to clean up their own mess time after time and each time they do it gets a little worse.

Let’s start with the Thibs era. Did he play his guys a little too much, yes, but they played their asses off and won more times than not. He got every bit out of guys like Deng, Butler, Noah, Taj, etc.

Apparently Thibs wasn’t good enough for GarPax and they wanted to join the modern offense geared NBA, which is fine. So they go out and hire Gar’s buddy Fred Hoiberg. Hoiberg has an offensive philosophy similar to that of The Golden State Warriors. So what does GarPax do? They immediately go out and fill the roster up with a bunch of aging veterans that can’t shoot 3’s and a bunch of guys that can’t play defense. Do I think Hoiberg is a good coach, not at all, but he was never given a chance to run his system with the personnel that he needed to even come close to making it successful.

So now it’s time for GarPax to save their jobs again. So the loyal to an absolute fault Reinsdorf’s let this pair of bums hire yet another coach. This time they promote assistant Jim Boylen who coached under the great Gregg Popovich so he must be great too, right? Sure if great is turning the 2018-2019 Bulls into the biggest joke in the NBA. When Orlando is blowing you out on your home court and Sacramento is taunting you off the floor after kicking your ass you know you have reached a new level of pathetic.


They preach that it takes time and they are “developing” the young guys. Bullshit. You’ve had 20 years. In basketball players that are 19-20-21 are superstars. This is not baseball. A player is either great or he’s not. Very rarely do guys breakout after 3-5 years of development. The funny thing is they actually have a few talented players in Dunn, Markkanen, Carter Jr and LaVine, but if they are doing anything with their so called development they are hindering it.

It’s time for Jerry and Michael Reinsdorf to get their heads out of their asses, stop being so fucking loyal, grow some fucking balls and fire GarPax into the fucking sun.

Go Bears!

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