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Russell Westbrook Humiliated Lance Stephenson In The Worst Way Possible - Mocking His Celebration Right In His Grill

I can’t stop watching this. Everyone who watches the NBA knows that Lance loves to strum the guitar after a big play. It’s a great celebration, especially with Lance being Lance. But, the one thing better than that? Russell Westbrook doing it right in his grill.

You can tell Russ was heated for this game, especially with Paul George getting booed the entire game from Lakers fans. But, this is just pure gold. Russ is as good of a troll as there is in the league. Whether it’s him rocking the baby, showing up to the arena wearing oven mitts because he’s going to cook tonight or this, he’s excellent at pissing people off. Part of why he’s so likable.

Lance needed to respond here though. He has to get a technical at the minimum for getting into Westbrook’s face. You can’t just let him mock your guitar celebration like he’s playing at Woodstock in the middle of the floor. You have to do something, the old Lance would.