20-Year-Old Elias Pettersson Made Himself $425,000 In Bonuses Yesterday. Not A Big Deal Or Anything

Vancouver Canucks v New Jersey Devils

Elias Pettersson. Maybe you’ve heard of the kid before. He was the 5th overall pick in the 2017 NHL Draft and he’s been lighting the league on fire so far this year in his rookie season. He may have less than 40 NHL games to his name so far but he’s already got one of the most lethal weapons of a shot in the league. Not to get too ahead of ourselves here but that shot is in the same category as Laine, Ovechkin, Matthews, etc. It’s a little less heavy of a shot than Laine but Pettersson’s left-handed one-T from the top of the circle is pretty much a mirror image of Laine from the opposite circle.

So anyway, Pettersson scored his first career hat trick last night against the Ottawa Senators and he capped off that hatty in overtime. A 4-3 overtime win and rookie Elias Pettersson had the final 3 goals from Vancouver. Pretty decent if you ask me. And along the way, he picked up his 20th goal of the season. Since Pettersson is still on his Entry Level Contract, he’s able to earn some big time contract bonuses throughout the season. It’s a way to help these young kids make some serious coin while their cap hits are still under $1M against the books for their teams. And part of Pettersson’s ELC includes a bonus for scoring 20 goals in a season, which was worth $212,500.

Now earning yourself an extra $212,500 in one day is clearly a pretty solid day in the office. But here’s a sick twist that will make you want to put a bullet in your brain right now as you read this from your work desk–that wasn’t even the only $212,500 contract bonus that Elias Pettersson hit yesterday. Because earlier in the day, he received another bonus for being named to the All Star Team.

If you’re anything like me, chances are you needed to move some funds around from one account to another in order to pay your first bills of 2019 yesterday. Meanwhile, 20-year-old Elias Pettersson threw an extra $425,000 into his wallet. What a joke. Good for him though.