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Blocking A Shot While The Backboard Blocks Your Face Is One Hell Of A Move

So this comes from North Central College and it may be the most absurd play of the college basketball year. I’m not even joking here. Look at how high he is when he goes to block that shot. If this was Zion it would have broken Twitter, I would have blogged about it (probably twice) and it’d be talked about nonstop. But since it’s NCC, I’ll make sure to just blog it once.

This is just flat out ridiculous though. I mean my guy who shot the video is right. I can’t stop watching it. I have no idea how Blaise Meredith is okay and went right back into the game. The most ridiculous thing of the play – I think – is where he takes off from. It’s not like he gets caught under the hoop and just jumps straight up to make the play. My dude is taking off on a chase down block and going out into the backboard.

Hate when this happens to me. No idea how Meredith essentially stayed in the game, whenever I do this I’m out for at least 10 minutes.