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Smelly Indian Soldiers Cant Bathe For Months At A Time On The World's Highest Battlefield,,, UNTIL NOW

To all the Indian stoolies out there who are serving in the highest mountain ranges in the world, have you not heard of baby wipes?

“Chaps! Chaps! Don’t be so insensitive! It’s below freezing at the highest peak.”

Sure, but if you have an MRE warmer or two, you can warm some frozen baby wipes enough to thaw those bad boys out in order to at least give the ole ballz a scrubbin. Lest we forget, when your dick is in clean in cammies, your whole body is clean. Also, if you have stinky mountain dick, doing yoga and stretching your groin to the moon isn’t the type of workout that you wanna be doing anyway. In my opinion, after serving many months watching mountain shows on TV, you gotta work up a base sweat; drop your clothes; continue the workout; get your thawed baby wipes; wipe off; get dressed again. High intensity. 20 minutes or less and you’re good to go on a maintenance plan.


“Chaps! Chaps! Do you have any specific workout programs that you’d like to give to the Indian soldiers now that you’ve been back in the gym for 3 days? Also, incredible use of semicolons for items in a series that can stand alone as independent clauses.”

Namaste out of this completely. None of my business. Me teaching them about yoga is a bit of a stretch. Oh, and thank you for the noticing the semicolons.