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Chinese Billionaire Marries Off His Daughter With $100 Million Worth Of Gold, Cars And Houses

Daily MailA wealthy Chinese tile magnate gave his daughter a gigantic £100million dowry that included four boxes of gold jewellery, two luxury cars, shares and several homes for her lavish wedding. The extravagant gift included four boxes of gold jewellery, a bankbook with deposits worth £2m (20m yuan) and an impressive property portfolio. Pictures of the generous dowry were posted online on Sunday, at the end of the ‘eight-day banquet’, which took place in Cizao town, Jinjiang county, in eastern China’s Fujian province. Wu Duanbiao, chairman of ceramics firm Fujian Wanli Group, gave his daughter’s new husband real estate including a retail store in Quanzhou, the Olympic villas and the Wanda mansion. He also bequeathed the newlyweds 500m shares in his ceramics firm worth more than £10m (100m yuan) as well as a Porsche and a Mercedes which draped with red ribbons.

How big of a fucking pain in the ass is Wu Duanbiao’s daughter? Dude is willing to pay some guy a hundred million dollars to take her off his hands. And in the form of like gold bars and jewels and riches and shit. Not just cash. Its like the fucking Cave of Wonders. Might as well give him a genie in a lamp.

I would marry absolutely fucking anything if it came with 100 milli of gold and Porsches. I’d marry a real life hippopotamus. I would marry Viscera from the WWF.

Matter of fact I’d marry the tag team of Viserca and Gangrel.

There’s absolutely nobody on the planet I would not marry in exchange for unimaginable wealth. But make no mistake about it, Miss Wu must be a motherfucking nightmare. She’s probably a $99 million headache in exchange for $100 million so you’re still comin out ahead, but buyer beware – thats gonna be one crazy Asian broad.