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Alshon Jeffery Can Piss Off For Taking A Shot At Chicago

Listen…I thought we were all kosher with Alshon. The guy was one of five good draft picks that Phil Emery made in his 3 years. Him and Brandon Marshall were the best wide receiving tandem in the teams history.

I wanted to remember him for all of what I just said above, but now he’s gotta open his dumbass mouth and say this kind of shit. Not anymore. From now on I’ll remember him for always having a soft tissue injury. He’s Soft Tissue Alshon to me now. I can’t stand soft tissue guys. Do a couple toe touches for 15 minutes for fucks sake.

The best part is that Soft Tissue Alshon is going to bolt back to South Carolina the first chance he gets. He’s just being this rah rah fake Philly, anti Chicago guy for the headlines. Sad day for Soft Tissue Alshon. Sad day.