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It's Been 1,454 Days Since Bruce Allen Last Answered Questions About The Redskins

Depending on how you look at it, it’s been either 1,463 days or 1,454 days since Bruce Allen, the key decision maker and face of the Redskins front office, answered questions about the state of the team. 1,454 days ago, he introduced Scot McCloughan as GM. You remember Scot, the man who was finally going to get Dan Snyder to step away from decision making and build the Skins into a winning franchise? That didn’t last. Fired. And Bruce Allen put back in charge. But yet, we haven’t heard a peep from him. Through the RG3 and Kirk Cousins saga, signing Josh Norman, firing Scot, missing the playoffs last year, and then everything that went down this year with Alex Smith, Colt, Sanchez, Swearinger, Foster, other Foster, and the general disarray of the entire organization, he hasn’t said a god damn peep. Not a freaking word. Nothing. He’s not only a joke to the fans, he’s a joke all around the league.

And a coward. He is Dan Snyder’s puppet. His yes-man. He will say and do anything with his nose up Daniel Snyder’s ass. He will proclaim the Redskins are “winning off the field” until the cows come home. He is a weasel who learned from the King Weasel himself. And he won’t even face the music. In fact, he demands the Redskins stop using social media as his way of fixing everything. He wants fans to…forget the Redskins exist? That’s his plan? Pathetic.

I have no idea how the Bruce Allen saga ends. A big part of me thinks Dan Snyder is too egotistical to make a change. He’d rather spite the fans for another year than listen to them or use logic. It’s the classic Vince McMahon, he thinks he knows better than everyone else. He’d rather make 1 dollar his way than a million dollars anyone else’s.

So hey, little bright side: the longer Allen is employed, the more we can hate Dan Snyder. Support the Skins without supporting Dan Snyder. And for the love of god, please someone get a picture with him while you’re wearing the shirt.