Rex And The Jets Ducking The Media

NYDN – Rex Ryan hid behind glass doors on Black Monday as the assembled media cut through the Jets’ indoor fieldhouse to talk to what turned out to be a select few players who actually knew the meaning of professionalism. There Ryan was, dressed in a throwback Titans sweatshirt, walking through the coaches’ offices. He looked at a few scribes and quickly turned away. General manager Mike Tannenbaum had just been fired. The season was a failure, thanks, in part, to mistakes that Ryan strategically distanced himself from in the past few months. He oversold and underdelivered. Ryan was just as much to blame as Tannenbaum, but he escaped this time. The loudest coach in the NFL had suddenly gone quiet after avoiding the ax on a day when seven head coaches got their walking papers. For days, Ryan’s talking points were simple: He would address his future after the Jets’ meaningless season finale against the Bills. When the season was over in Buffalo on Sunday, Ryan dodged questions about his future with convenient excuses. On Monday, the tough-talking coach didn’t even have it in him to talk about the man who helped hire him four years ago. He later blew off an interview with the team’s flagship radio station. For years, Ryan had preached that he never wants to put a muzzle on a man. Now, he had inexplicably muzzled himself

How much does coaching in New York fucking suck? “Rex Ryan is such a big mouth! He talks too much!” “Why isn’t Rex talking? Can you believe he’s staying quiet???!” Just cannot fucking win. I know that in the past all his talk has been unnecessary blabber and now is the time that he needs to hold a press conference to address these major franchise changes, but still its just ironic that Rex is catching heat for being quiet.

But the flip side is that I cannot fucking believe there are still organizations and people in New York that don’t know how to handle the media. Call a press conference, give some generic cliche answers, lie about a bunch of shit, and call it a day. Say “Mike Tannenbaum did a lot of great things for this organization over the years but after the past 2 seasons of failure we decided to take in a different direction. I consider myself lucky to still coach for this organization and whoever comes in to replace Mike, I’ll work with him and do whatever it takes to turn this thing around.” Just some generic shit where you say some respectful shit about Mr. T, say you’re committed to winning and promise to turn it all around. Half of it is probably untrue, the other half unrealistic. But who cares? Just give the media some garbage to write about so they aren’t letting their imaginations run wild and spinning articles whichever way they want. They got columns to fill and if you don’t tell them what to write, they’ll undoubtedly write something much more detrimental.