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RIP Bob Einstein AKA Marty Funkhouser AKA Super Dave Osborne

Between news of Mean Gene Okerlund passing away hitting the internet this morning and now Bob Einstein dying, 2019 has already been a fucker of a year. I know 2016 became infamous for robbing us of some of our most beloved famous people to the point where “Will 2016 ever end” became the most uttered phrase on the planet. But fuck man, Mean Gene and Bob Einstein on January 2nd? That’s criminal. Marty Funkhouser was my favorite Curb character and it wasn’t even close. More than Leon, more than Jeff, and a hell of a lot more than Susie. Marty’s awkward interactions with Larry (as well as everyone else on the show) were second to none for me, especially since Larry was such a motherfucker to the Funkman.

90s kids will also remember Einstein as Super Dave Osborne

While Arrested Development fans will remember him as Larry Middleman AKA George Bluth’s surrogate, which was one of my favorite bit characters in another show full of them.

Oh yeah and he was Albert Brooks’ older brother. Based on what both have done in their lives, the comedy gene ran strong in that family. Jesus Christ.

P.S. I don’t know what the cause of death was, but I know Bob had been diagnosed with cancer recently and even though it should pretty much go without saying, fuck cancer.