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'Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse' Has Sparked A Pretty Awesome Trend Among Artists On Twitter

Disclaimer: This blog will likely appeal to a very small percentage of the Barstool audience. I’m well aware. I don’t really mind. I think the people who are into this shit will dig it, and one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to not be afraid to blog more about whatever I wanna blog about, no matter how niche. I’ve soooorta been doing that already, because, you know…MMA, professional wrestling, nerdy shit…I get it. But I’m gonna dive a bit deeper into those realms in 2019. Today I wanna talk about these Spider-Man drawings. If you don’t care, don’t click. Again, I don’t mind.

I finally got a chance to see ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ over break, and I’m not necessarily breaking any news here, but it was absolutely phenomenal. Not only was it one of the best superhero movies of the year, if not the best superhero movie of the year, but it is undoubtedly the best animated movie of the year, and hell, it’s probably one of the overall best films of the year! I haven’t spoken to anybody who had anything less than amazing, glowing things to say about it, and would recommend ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ to everyone who has yet to see it, if only for the ultra-unique animation style and soundtrack alone. I promise you won’t regret it.

Something I find pretty amazing that’s come following the film’s release, though, is that the “Anyone can wear the mask” theme it pushes has been taken to heart by a bunch of insanely talented artists on Twitter, and the #Spidersona hashtag was born! So basically, this movie promotes the idea that anybody could be Spider-Man, or Spider-Woman, and they don’t have to have the classic red/blue look, and here’s what some of the talented folk of Twitter did with that concept…

Last one’s pretty sick, huh?!

All kidding aside, I think it’s really friggin’ cool that a film has inspired so many people to get creative and just make shit. That’s the kinda stuff I live for.

I’ve posted this video time and time again on the blog, but it’s a new year, and I think it’s always worth a watch. It’s probably my biggest inspiration to do shit out there. Enjoy.