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Worst Day Of The Year Showdown - Today Vs. Day After Labor Day?

January 2nd. The day after New Years. Dead Christmas trees line the streets. Santa decorations thrown in the trash. You trudge to work wearing your new hat and scarf that was stuffed in your stocking. You’ve either been off since December 21st or you went to work during the holidays and nobody was there so you just hung out in an empty office for a few hours a day and saved your vacation days. Either way, you’ve spent roughly the last month mailing it in, stuffing your face with food, sucking down booze, watching children’s Christmas movies. Not a care in the world. And now it all comes crashing down. Turn out the lights. The party is over. Everything goes back to normal. Not only is your vacation over, but so is your boss’. Every manager and director and president and partner is back in the office with their new found dedication to working in the New Year. Your bank account is empty and all you have to look forward to is a freezing cold January and February with like 1 or 2 holidays between now and summer. Fucking miserable. If you aren’t suicidal today, then the other 364 days of your year must really fucking blow.

The day after Labor Day is the only contender for Worst Day of The Year. Summer comes to an end. You turn in the keys to your sharehouse. After 3 straight months of booze and sex and sun and sand, you head back to the real world. No more random sex, no more days at the beach, no more nights at the bar right off the beach. The day after Labor Day is like waking up from an awesome dream and you wanna try to close your eyes and fall back asleep and recapture that dream but its gone. You’re awake and you’re broke its time to face your awful life once again.

Its a toss up, folks. Time to vote. Vote 1 for Day After New Years Is The Worst Day Of The Year, Vote 10 for Day After Labor Day is the Worst Day Of The Year.

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PS – Day after the Super Bowl is a distant third, but its in the mix as well.