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New Year, New John Calipari Taking Another Job Rumor

This is what I needed on a day like today. It’s a new year which means we’re about to hear John Calipari is leaving Kentucky rumors. It tends to be for an NBA job as people will link either money or former players on the team to go with control.

But, not this time. This time it’s his name being listed for the UCLA job. Don’t get me wrong, Dakich isn’t totally wrong here. They should call Calipari. They should make him a massive offer. You’re getting a guy that can handle UCLA, recruit there and we’ve seen his success on the court with the Final Fours and a title at Kentucky.

But, let’s not get this twisted. It would make absolutely no sense for Calipari to leave for UCLA. It’s not even close to as good of a job as Kentucky and Calipari can pick and choose for where he’d want to leave. UCLA doesn’t pay nearly as much as Kentucky. The facilities, while great, aren’t on the same level as Kentucky’s. The fan base isn’t the same. Of course you make the call.

Thank God for Twitter. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough to blog today.