"The Matador" Is A Terrible Nickname For Luka Doncic

Orlando Magic v Dallas Mavericks

NBA nicknames can be tricky. Very often are they good, and you sort of just know it when you hear it. Nicknames like The Greak Freak, The Process, The Brow, White Mamba, etc etc when they’re done right they stick and can become that player’s identity. So to hear the Mavs have filed trademarks for “The Matador” and “El Matador” for Luka, I’m a bit disappointed. When I hear that, I hear a player who stinks at defense. Sounds like more of an insult than anything else to me. I get that this was given to him by a staff member, but come on, Luka is too good to have a bad nickname and we can all be honest and admit that this one stinks.

Nothing is worse than trying to force a nickname on a player that doesn’t fit, and I feel like that’s what this would be. This sounds like in 2K when you have a draft class where the announcers don’t say the name but instead give them a random nickname. It’s always something random like “Smooth” or “The Chosen One”, shit like that. In my opinion, Luka doesn’t need an official nickname. It’s more impressive to be known as just one name than some sort of bad nickname. It’s way more fun to tweet out LUUUUUUUKKKKAAAAAAAAAAA whenever he does something awesome than calling him El Matador. Nobody is going to call him that.

That’s why I need the Mavs to be smart here. Don’t try and make this nickname a thing and ruin what is an extremely exciting player having an incredible rookie season. Just let him be Luka, or if you’re absolutely determined to give him a nickname please go back to the drawing board on this one. You have someone that looks like he might turn into a generational player, you need to get this one right. Don’t force it, don’t rush it. Honestly, let the internet decide. Take this to your fanbase and let them come up with it. Make it some sort of promotion or something like whichever one Luka likes and picks gets tickets and a meet and greet or something along those lines.

So I’m going to have to give an official two thumbs down on this Mavs nickname. If you had to give him one, what would be the best you could come up with? Big Dick Doncic is one I’ve seen floated around on Twitter and honestly that’s probably the most fitting given how clutch he is. Honestly anything would be better than El Matador but let’s hear your best ones.



Also, I hear you. Can’t have a Luka blog without the goods. You’re welcome

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