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The Internet Is Going Bananas Over This Kid's Clearly Fake Text Conversation With His Cheating Girlfriend



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GEORGIA – One 17-year-old from canton, Georgia whose girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend decided to get the best revenge by posting a hilarious text exchange between he and his ex on Twitter. When Kane Zipperman’s ex texted him to ask if the relationship was actually over, his response was a carefully thought out series of witty insults and internet memes. Since posting the conversation on his Twitter @KaneZipperman has received over 71, 762 re tweets and 90, 434 favorites.

Flex a little harder, Efron.

Kane has to wake up pretty early in the morning to shoot one past the Internet. Nobody organically gets to perfectly rebuttal with an “I’m On Pugs” and Hitler quotes in a normal conversation. Just doesn’t happen. Is it creative? Of course. This kid is going to make his Ellen and The View rounds to get his dick kissed for only an hour of work. Can’t knock the hustle. But it ain’t real. If it’s somehow not fake than this broad better be one fine looking Southern Belle. Bitch is both ice cold and her elevator doesn’t go anywhere close to the top. In fact, it may be out of service.

All in all, Kane Zipperman is an very solid porn star name. Buck Naked worthy. Still a decent real handle as long as you’re not Asian. Clint Eastwood from Gran Torino would have a field day.