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The Biggest News of 2019 Already Happened – The Blob Fish Guy Officially Announced His Retirement On Twitter




First things first. I know what you are thinking. Who is the Blobfish guy? Well the Blobfish guy is a guy who posts a blobfish after every single thing I’ve tweeted for the past like 5 years. I’m talking no matter what I tweet he replies with a picture of a blobfish. It’s been pretty amazing dedication to be honest. Unfortunately just like with all good things in life everything must eventually come to an end. Yes the Blobfish guy has officially retired from the blobfish game. How do I know this? Because he posted one of the all time retirement announcements last week on twitter. A long detailed rant on how he got into the blobfish game, how he used to hate me, how I eventually won him over and thanking all his blobfish fans for their support and love over the years. Honestly it may have been the most insane yet perfectly fitting retirement ceremony of all time. I mean name another company where a random commentor feels compelled to post a long retirement announcement from posting blobfishes? Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

And just like that…..The blogfish guy was gone.