Head On A Swivel - A Mob Of Teens Are Attacking People On The Red Line

We have a little segment on Red Line Radio called “Where are you at on the Red Line?” It refers to a certain Chicago sports team and how they’re progressing through the season, so for instance the Bears are at the Roosevelt stop because they’re awesome, and that’s Soldier Field. The shitty ass Trestman Bears were way out at the 95th/Dan Ryan stop. My new answer to this question is that I’m at the stop wherever the hell these guys are not at.

When you’re waiting for the train the last thing you need is to be stampeded into the damn Chicago Sun-Times news rack. I mean it’s bad enough that you’re standing there cold as fuck and may have to sit in a seat that’s been pissed on 3 minutes ago.

In all seriousness though this is fucked up. These dudes/girls are scumbags who will hopefully get what’s coming to them. The CTA released their surveillance of some of the suspects so if you can help identify anyone please do it: