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The Redskins Are Working On The Most Elaborate Hells Bells Video Of All Time

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 8.59.35 AM

2:58pm on New Years Eve. That’s the last time we’ve heard from the Skins. No Happy New Year tweet, no congrats to so-and-so player for a great season, no nothing. Every other team in the league has been tweeting as normal. Even the fucking Cardinals tweeted a message from their GM. The Giants are RT’ing Saquon, building him up, congratulating him on a good season. Even the god damn Jets, the JETS, are tweeting up a storm. Even this really sad tweet:

But they’re still doing it!

The Redskins though?

I can only believe they are making the most elaborate Hells Bells video ever seen. That is the only move at this point. Hells Bells video or bust.

The Redskins right now:

It is very, very funny that Redskins fans have completely bullied the Skins out of Tweeting. The plan to stop tweeting makes zero sense, because now Skins fans are just salivating, waiting for the next one to drop. It’s like a game now.

To be honest, besides Caps fans during the Cup run last year, this is the most close-knit I’ve ever seen a fan base. Everyone is united on one front: #FireBruceAllen.

FireBruceAllen-Maroon (2)