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Sources (Me): Troy Tulowitzki Signs 1 Year Deal With Yankees #ScoopCity


Anyways, yes, I did it again, scooped the Tulo/Yankees signing, and since I’m not a huge credit guy, I won’t give a big, fat, proverbial internet middle finger to all of the national writers who have failed to credit me.  Huge lack of integrity on their end.  A Medill School of Journalism graduate like me would never not credit someone for being first on a story.  Huge credit guy.

Anyways, what does this mean?  Who really gives a shit?  It’s an old, constantly hurt 34 year old corner IF/DH posing as a SS.  The Yankees need him as a placeholder for Didi Gregorius who should be back mid-season after getting TJS.  But but but….

Truth be told I don’t really give a shit about getting credit on my cryptically worded tweet.  What I DO care about is that if my info is in fact correct (it is, I was told by two people, one of which is a high ranking industry official (nbd), the other some random kid who slid in my DMs with literally the exact same info) then Machado’s market might be that much more limited from a White Sox perspective, which of course is a good thing.  As this long, boring offseason drags on, it legit might just be Phillies and Sox in play for him.  The Yankees could/should try to get him on a lowball, 5-6 year deal with a high-ish AAV and hope he takes it because he has always wanted to play for them by all accounts, but super agent Dan Lozano and the MLBPA never, ever take deals that are significantly lower in contractual lifespan and guaranteed cash.  It sets a bad precedent for other players.

Moral of the story – I do think we start to see some dominoes falling this week.  I love the White Sox chances on landing Machado.  It’s not a guarantee by any means, but their odds are better today than they were yesterday, in my opinion.

PS –

HUGE #ScoopCity announcement coming up at 12pm EST (eyeball emoji)