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It Should Be Illegal For Giannis To Get Into The Lane Because Then Murders Like This Happen

Giannis should be illegal. I mean it’s a safety issue at this point. He’s on pace to absolutely shatter the record for most dunks in a season held by Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard can’t handle the ball and take guys off the dribble like Giannis can. Giannis shouldn’t be allowed to be this big, now this strong and able to take guys to the rim like this.

Otherwise guys like Jon Leuer will get murdered at the rim. And it happened in Wisconsin too nonetheless. Leuer is a legend in the state of Wisconsin thanks to his time with the Badgers. This is how he’s treated now back in Milwaukee.

Just picture what will happen once Giannis gets a consistent jumper. The dude is already an All-NBA player and an absolute freak. How the hell do you defend someone like that once they add the consistency of an outside shot to the arsenal? Straight up cheating, that’s how.