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Tiffany Haddish Bombs Her New Years Eve Comedy Set So Bad She Just Busts Out A Massive Bottle of Vodka and Starts Drinking With Her Fans

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THE ROOT - Tiffany Haddish wasn’t ready for her set. It didn’t stop a few fans from having a good time.

Performing to a packed house at the James L. Knight center in Miami, the usually poised Haddish didn’t have her best stuff as the new year approached. As the set progressed, Haddish forgot a few of her jokes, and realized the jokes she could remember weren’t connecting as expected.

The fans heading for the exit probably tipped her off. “This is weird for me. Now,” Haddish said as fans lost interest and gathered their things. “This is going to be on TMZ or whatever.”

Power Rankings of My Most Uncomfortable Life Experiences:

1) Seeing a stand up comedian bomb.

Main reason I don’t go to many standup shows unless it’s like Seinfeld, Louis, Aziz or Francis Ellis.  I just can’t do it.  It’s the one situation in my life where I fake laugh at something.  Can’t not  laugh.  Can’t watch someone flounder up there as everyone sits their awkwardly and silent and crickets chirp in the background.  Cringe city.

So let’s just say my New Years Resolution 2018 of not seeing Tiffany Haddish perform on New Years Eve 2019 was a successful one.

Things were so bad she was literally inviting fans up on stage to tell jokes.

I will say that there is one thing that would fix this problem – if I were guaranteed to get shots of alcohol poured down my face in exchange for my troubles.

Haddish, after reading some of her set from her iPad, cut her set short to drink some Ciroc with the fans who stuck around, according to TMZ.

That’s how you take lemons and make lemonade, but like the lemonade from concentrate that comes in the little tin in the freezer of the grocery store, and is past the expiration date, but you’re kind of hurting for cash so you buy it anyway and hope for the best, and end up getting food poisoning, but still, better than just eating a lemon.

Here’s a long ass blurry video filmed on a russet potato of more of the set:

For the record I think doing stand-up comedy is one of the most impressive things a human being could possibly do.  Standing up on a stage in front of a massive crowd trying to be funny and being faced with the real-life faces of internet comment sections.  Brutal.  I don’t like making fun of things I could never do myself in a trillion years unless you are a professional sports player.  The day I started to respect Smitty was the day he posted the video of himself doing stand up back in the day.   Chef I don’t worry about so much because I know he doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks, but the first time I saw Francis was anxiety city knowing that if the Barstool table didn’t laugh loud enough he’d hang himself from the rafters over by Office Manager Brett’s desk with all the hockey jerseys hanging from it.  Luckily I knew his material was good because he had recited all of it for us at our desks as we were working for 6 months in a row then a second time for the intern table in the back.  But I needed a Xanax before that one.


Shout out to Haddish for taking it in stride.  And for the free Ciroc.