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Wake Up With Javy Baez Obliterating A Baseball
Holy El Mago. This ball that Javy Baez pissed on was something else. The announcers talk about Baez tweaking something on a check swing, and 2 seconds later he's hitting a ball over 480 feet. Absolutely feasted on this pitch and sent flying.  I don't think I've ever even seen that part of Wrigley before. Over the bleachers in left center and probably onto some concourse where it landed in some dude's beef. Shocker that it came off a Reds' pitcher too.
Take away that weird hugging play he had in the playoffs and Baez was on a tear. Second in the NL in MVP voting with some wild numbers, 34 homers, 111 driven in, 40 doubles, 9 triples, and a .290 average, quite a year for the young kid. He's arguably the most flashy player in the league, one of the best young talents we have, and is so much to fun watch. You watch his youtube video of his tags and tell me you don't laugh at how easy he makes it look. Baez is going to be a problem in this league for a long time.
Plus, "El Mago" is a hell of a nickname too.