The Greatest Kentucky Football Team Ever Just Scared James Franklin Out Of The Stadium To Win The Citrus Bowl

VRBO Citrus Bowl - Kentucky v Penn State

Kentucky 27, Penn State 24

Now that’s how you close out the greatest season in Kentucky football. I don’t want to hear about 1952 or anything like that. This was the greatest Kentucky team led by two bonafide stars on each side in Josh Allen and Benny Snell. More importantly they flat out scared James Franklin straight out of the Citrus Bowl.

After nearly blowing a 20 point lead (we’ll get to that) – Penn State was driving and facing a 3rd and short from the Kentucky 13. Now, I’d be underselling it a bit if I didn’t say Penn State’s offense was fucking rolling. The score was 27-21. There was just 4 minutes on the clock.

James Franklin kicked the field goal.

That handed Kentucky the win. It was beautiful. It really shows that Penn State is just flat out scared of Kentucky though if you ask me. Between that and faking a punt on the first drive of the game, Franklin basically showed he was hoping for a miracle. I still can’t get over the field goal kick. I mean here I was watching the game getting ready to sweat out a pass to the end zone, because we’ve seen that happen all too often as Kentucky fans. But instead James Franklin decided overtime would be the hopeful play.

Luckily for most of America (unless you’re a Penn State fan) that wouldn’t happen because of Benny Snell. He was downright awesome, yet again. No real surprise. He also had the coolest moment of the game as he broke the Kentucky rushing record in just 3 seasons. On top of that he broke it while scoring a touchdown and the crowd chanting his name. That’s how sports should work out.

Josh Allen, who has a legit shot to be the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft was massive for this defense, which somewhat carried the team this year. Allen finished with 3 sacks and had a couple more pressure plays. Those two are a large reason as to how this culture changed this season in Lexington and as a fan it’s downright awesome.

This season we saw Kentucky have a shot to win the SEC East. A 31-year losing streak snapped. 10 wins. Winning streaks over Missouri and South Carolina continue. Memorable games. And, well, Benny sums it up pretty well:

I may write more about this season tomorrow, because frankly, I want to and this has been one hell of a season to process as a fan. But, for now I wanted to get this up. Sure, the Citrus Bowl isn’t the playoffs, but for a program that has been the butt of most college football jokes this one feels good – especially as a Kentucky grad who grew up in Pennsylvania with a ton of friends who went to Penn State. I will not be quiet about this.

But, for now I’ll be watching Lynn Bowden (who was damn good this season and today too) return a punt for a touchdown again: