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Wake Up In The New Year With Carlos Gomez Running Out Of The Batters Box Due To Fireworks Indoors
Hoping you all enjoyed your New Years Eve and didn't drink too much adult soda, I stayed home and played my favorite Baltimore New Years Eve game, Fireworks or Gunshots? I thought in honor of the new year we should wake up with some fireworks.
Carlos Gomez is up to the plate ready to tee off on a ball when he ducks out of the box. You can hear fireworks in the background and the pitcher stops his windup as well. Umpire calls time and the camera pans to the outfield where someone obviously has pressed the wrong button. Whoops. Gomez ducks out of there pretty quick too, he wasn't sure what that noise was but I don't think he wanted to stick around.
Bottom of the first inning, I mean we're 2 pitches in and some guy has already screwed up. No chance your day gets any better from there because you've already messed up real bad. Fireworks indoors too? Come on, Brewers. You already have the slide. You're better than that. Open that roof up, take the top off and shoot the fireworks out there. Now everyone is gonna smell like smoke for the next day.