Start 2019 Off By Binge Watching Full Interviews Of "The Corp" Featuring Kobe Bryant, Mike Francesca, Gary V & More


Happy New Year! Everyone knows the New Year doesn’t start until we’re past halftime of the early games on January 1. You’re hungover, you’ve been drinking non stop for the past 2 weeks, and football is about to be over (Scary as fuck). But we have something to temporarily ease that.

So a new company initiative for Barstool in 2019 is going to be growing our presence on this website they call YouTube. We have created a channel just for The Corp and will be uploading all clips, interviews, extra video content (Like the Jlo video below) and future guest announcements here so as a favor to myself and my boss Arod GO SUBSCRIBE NOW.

All the interviews are in the above playlist so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy 4+ hours of The Corp as easy as that.

When the channel gets to 20K subscribers we will release the full interview I did with just Arod and not a second sooner. This is called the carrot and the stick method. Learned that in Business 101, which I never actually took in College.


The final day of Season 1 we went to J-Lo’s house in LA and let’s just say I made myself very at home and I think I’m definitely invited back. Subscribe to the youtube now and get all the videos and interviews. Happy New Years.